Corporate governance

The Directors recognise the importance of sound corporate governance. The Board will meet monthly to review key operational issues, strategic development and the financial performance of the Company. The Board continues to be responsible for internal controls to minimise the risk of financial or operational loss or material misstatement. These controls have been designed to meet the needs of the Company relative to the Company's size at this time and in regard to the industry sector of medical devices.

The Board undertakes to represent the intentions of shareholders, investors and key stakeholders. The Directors acknowledge the importance of the Combined Code on Corporate Governance. Their intention is to comply with its principles and provisions insofar as it is practicable for a company of its size.

The composition of the board is designed to ensure Advanced Oncotherapy has robust and relevant experience from a technology and commercial perspective for a medical device company. The Directors' backgrounds and experiences cover areas of commercial and business development, financial management and control.

Advanced Oncotherapy plc is subject to the City Code on Takeovers and Mergers.

The following committees have been established to deal with specific aspects of the Company's affairs in addition to the usual internal control procedures to govern its routine business activities.

Remuneration Committee

Hans von Celsing– Chairman

Members: Michael Bradfield, Enrico Vanni

Audit Committee

Hans von Celsing– Chairman

Members: Michael Bradfield, Enrico Vanni


Matters Reserved to the Board

Terms of Reference – Audit Committee

Terms of Reference – Remuneration Committee

Leadership Team

Our team is made up of highly skilled professionals who have a wide range of experience in their field.

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We have a strong foundation of core company values which underpin everything we do.

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Our board brings entrepreneurial, commercial and financial leadership.

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Advanced Oncotherapy was created in 2012, leveraging the work and know-how of CERN experts in accelerator and detector technologies.

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Who we are

We are leaders in the next generation of proton systems which do not require a cyclotron or synchrotron. We develop cost effective treatments which are clinically superior to those currently available.

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Our strategy is to provide wider and cost-effective access to radiation treatment through a ground-breaking proton therapy system with superior clinical benefits for cancer patients.

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Their expertise and experience are unmatched. Combined they have over 100 years in radiation oncology and over 45 years of treating patients with proton therapy from around the world.

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Interviews highlighting the depth and range of experience with Advanced Oncotherapy.

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