Development progress

The Advanced Oncotherapy team has produced the first stages of our LIGHT accelerator and is currently completing the development of the final required 230 MeV output to meet clinical requirements. The team is currently progressing with FDA and CE Mark regulatory applications.

Advanced Oncotherapy is developing an innovative integrated patient management programme which incorporates the best in established software architecture. This package takes full advantage of the experience from highly talented individuals to capitalise on the unique characteristics of our LIGHT technology. This proprietary programme will be cloud-based and will fully support the patients’ treatment protocols which includes the patient’s history, treatment regimens and future treatment scheduling. This Advanced Oncotherapy software architecture will streamline the integration of the facilities management, treatment planning and beam delivery systems.

Advanced Oncotherapy’s proprietary patient protocols will optimise the functionality of the LIGHT accelerator and its clinical features to increase patient throughput thereby offering greater accessibility to particle therapy with protons to a global market.

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Current limitations of existing machines

Proton therapy: more convenient and cost-effective solutions will appear soon. Despite its breakthrough potential, traditional proton therapy systems have major limitations.

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Our ground breaking proton radiation system

With our new LIGHT system, Advanced Oncotherapy is leading the new wave of proton therapy. 

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