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Our Values

In conducting our mission, we are guided by core values throughout our work, our organisation, and our relationships every day.

Our Values Direct the Way We Conduct Business


We choose the right path, not the easy path. We do the right thing to ensure patient safety, what is best for our patients and our community, every moment of every day.


We believe it will be our sincerity and openness, combined with our expertise that pave the way to change, progress and innovations that matter to patients.

Reliability and Accountability

We accept that we have a duty to act responsively and be accountable for all of our actions. Integrity guides us to conduct our business with transparency.


We are passionate about the next generation of radiation therapies and are intensely focused on serving our clients and their patients. We do what we say we are going to do.


We always seek the most solid foundation of evidence available in every practice we embrace. Our research is guided by innovation, best practice, rigour and accuracy.

Competence and Collaboration

We work as one team, united by a common purpose, shareing knowledge with the organisations and communities who share our aim of defeating cancer.