Head and Neck Cancers

Particle therapy with protons is used to treat tumours in challenging locations where the tumour is located close to critical organ structures. Given the ability of proton therapy to spare surrounding healthy tissue from harmful radiation it is useful for treating head and neck cancers as well as other surrounding areas.

Clinical evidence

Many clinicians believe that many cancers of the head and neck can be cured, especially if they are found early. 

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Proton therapy ambassadors

Meet Stanley Williams who was treated at the University of Pennsylvania Roberts Proton Centre.

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Treatment information

Head and Neck cancers are challenging to treat due to the close proximity to critical organs. Initial observations show that Proton Therapy is particularly useful for treating tumours in these difficult areas due to the fact that the Bragg Peak allows Proton Therapy to spare healthy tissue from incidental irradiation.

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What can I do?

Here are some resources which we hope you may find useful.

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