Marina Giunta

Head of Physics Group | Appointed: Sep. 2013 | Nationality: Italian

Skills and experience

Marina holds a Phd in Physics and worked at CERN from 2001 to 2013 in the OPAL and CMS experiments before joining ADAM. She has experience both in software (simulations and data analysis) and hardware. She took part in the installation and commissioning of CMS where she had various responsabilities, including Deputy Technical Coordinator of the Drift Tube sub-detector.

Role / Responsibilities

Marina is in charge of the design and simulations of the LIGHT accelerator and the installation and commissioning of the first prototype at CERN. Moreover, the Physics group is in charge of the studies needed to optimise the delivery strategy and provides support for the integration of the accelerator in the facilities including the design of the transfer lines bringing the beam to the treatment rooms.