Mr. Gabriel Urwitz

Non-Executive Director | Appointed: Aug. 2018 | Nationality: Swedish

Skills and experience

Gabriel has an extensive background in industry and finance and has been involved with a large number of successful listed and private companies during his career. Gabriel co-founded Segulah Advisors AB, a Nordic private equity firm, in 1994 and was adjunct professor of financial economics at the Stockholm School of Economics from 1977 until 2002.

Current Appointments

Gabriel is the Executive Chairman at Segulah Advisor AB, chairman of AB Segulah, board member of Semantix, Zengun and Mitt i, chairman of Swedish House of Finance, chairman of Annika and Gabriel Urwitz Foundation, chairman of Clas Groschinsky Foundation, chairman of Paideia, member of the investment committee of the Royal Academy of Science, member of the Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences

Previous Appointments

Previously CEO of Richard Hägglöf Fondkommission, Proventus AB, Gota Bank, Segulah Advisor AB