Dr. Hanne Kooy, PhD

Member, medical advisory board | Appointed: | Nationality:

Skills and experience

Dr. Kooy joined Advanced Oncotherapy in 2014. Until recently, he was the Head of Proton and Medical Physics at Harvard and the Massachusetts General Hospital. After doctoral studies in experimental High Energy Physics, an opportunity in Medical Physics at the University of Rochester started a career in radiation therapy. Radiation therapy, different from other medical disciplines, requires active participation of physicists in the direct clinical care of patients. As such, it has been an effective vessel for introducing engineering technologies. One such technology is proton beam radiation which has become an almost singular focus of Dr. Kooy’s career. Radiation therapy, as all medical disciplines, has also become fully reliant on information technology. Dr. Kooy’s interests lie in the effectively deployment of the appropriate, advanced and integrated technologies to support proton radiation therapy.