Mr. Michael Bradfield

Non-Executive Director | Appointed: Apr. 2013 | Nationality: British

Skills and experience

Michael Bradfield has over 30 years experience of direct marketing and in the insurance industry. He graduated with a law degree from the London School of Economics.

Current Appointments

Michael Bradfield is currently Chairman of Fairford Medical Ltd, Fairford Medical Services Ltd, Health Imaging Solutions Ltd and Quest Medical UK Ltd, all active in the Diagnostic Medical Imaging field. He is also Chairman of Fairford-Capital Ltd, Director at Stockgain Asset Management, Director at Henstridge Properties Ltd, Director at the Vail Foundation, and Director at The Covenant & Conversation Trust (registered charity).

Previous Appointments

In 1971, Michael Bradfield founded Hospital Plan Insurance Services and was CEO of the company until 2006. It was sold to AIG in December 2000. He was also previously Chairman and CEO of Acacia Asset Management Ltd, Hamilton Capital Management Ltd and Acacia Trust Ltd.