Healthcare Magazine meets Nicolas Serandour

    16 November 2018

    Advanced Oncotherapy is still testing its Linac Image Guided Hadron Therapy, but work is underway at its £10m Harley Street Site and the new proton beam is set to treat patients in 2020. CEO Nicolas Serandour tells Maria Davies why both he and the firm's backers are convinced by the power of LIGHT

      "Effect of radiation exposure in brain tumours on hormone deficiencies"

      21 August 2018

      This article in the Journal of Clinical Oncology provides strong support for the benefits of advanced radiation technologies such as proton therapy for the treatment of brain tumours, especially in younger patients.

        "Proton therapy goes slimline-Manufacturers are reducing the size of proton-therapy systems to better compete with traditional radiotherapy"

        01 August 2018

        Physics World reports - Physics World reports on advances in proton therapy technology. Our LIGHT system is also discussed.

          "LIGHT was discussed at the first International Symposium on the Next Generation of Hadron Therapy in Tsukuba, Japan"

          09 July 2018

          CERN Courier - "The first model of LIGHT, a linac-based hadron-therapy system that operates at [200 Hz] with an energy sweep, and which is going to be installed at Harley Street, London" was discussed at the first International Symposium on the Next Generation of Hadron Therapy in Tsukuba, Japan. See the article in the last edition of the CERN Courier.

            "Proton beam radiotherapy: Advancing targeted cancer treatment so that it doen't affect non-cancerous cells"

            01 July 2018

            Dr. Nick Plowman - Our Chairman of the medical advisory board explains why proton therapy is superior to traditional radiotherapy techniques.

              "All About Proton Therapy"

              01 February 2018

              Carolyn Vachani (University of Pennsylvania) - - This article compares various radiation oncology techniques.

                "Component beam results of a versatile and compact linear accelerator for proton therapy”

                01 April 2018

                G. De Michele, G. D'Auria, A. Degiovanni, J. Farr, M. Baelen, A. Jeff, M. Caldara, Y. Ivanisenko, S. Ballestrero, M. Esposito, R. Moser, H. Pavetits, F. Cabaleiro, P. Stabile, M. Giunta1, C. Mellace - the European SocieTy for Radiotherapy & Oncology (ESTRO EP-2196) - This article discusses the advances in the development of LIGHT system for proton therapy.

                  "Therapeutic particles"

                  01 January 2018

                  Virginia Greco (CERN) - CERN Courier - The history of proton therapy.

                    "AVO is fortunate to have investor stalwarts at its back"

                    10 December 2017

                    Financial Times - Investors trust, that the LIGHT system is the future of proton therapy.

                      "Three ways to make proton therapy affordable"

                      01 September 2017

                      Thomas Bortfeld & Jay Loeffler (Mass. Gen. Hospital, Harvard Medical School) - Nature - Shrinking the accelerators and treatment room machines as well as model-based reimbursement decisions and pan-national referrals should decrease the cost of proton therapy and the scope of cancers treated.

                        "Huge leap in prostate cancer testing"

                        01 January 2018

                        BBC news

                          "Impact of spot charge inaccuracies in IMPT treatments"

                          01 August 2017

                          A.C. Kraan, N. Depauw, B. Clasie, M. Giunta, T. Madden, Hanne M. Kooy - Medical Physics Volume 44, Issue 8 - Pencil-beam scanning in proton therapy is even more accurate than what would be medically necessary.

                            "LIGHT: A Linear Accelerator For Proton Therapy"

                            01 October 2016

                            A. Degiovanni, P. Stabile, D. Ungaro (A.D.A.M. SA) - NAPAC2016, Chicago, IL, USA - A detailed presentation of our proton therapy system.

                              "A(relatively) risky business: the link between prostatic radiotherapy and second malignancies"

                              01 March 2016

                              The BMJ - Radiotherapy increases the probability of secondary malignancies in prostate cancer patients. Another argument for a more wide-spread use of proton therapy?

                                "Ashya King proton beam cancer therapy 'causes fewer side effects'"

                                01 January 2016

                                The Telegraph - Patient story about, how proton therapy is the better option in children's cancer.

                                  "Scientists put final pieces into place for seeing cancer with protons'"

                                  01 January 2016

                                  The Guardian - Proton beam are not only useful in radiation therapy, but also as an imagining technique.

                                    "Ashya King goes back to school full time'"

                                    01 January 2016

                                    The Guardian - Thanks to proton therapy treatment the little Ashya King recovered very fast.

                                      "Proton radiation therapy shows ongoing advancements throughout past quarter century'"

                                      01 July 2015

                                      TMC news - A timeline of proton beam therapy development.

                                        "The Physics of Proton Therapy"

                                        01 March 2015

                                        Wayne Newhauser & Rui Zhang - Physics in Medicine & Biology - Proton beam therapy explained by physicists.