Our History

Our team has been working on the design of our proton therapy system for more than 25 years.

The LIBO Experiment

In 1993, the TERA Foundation ("TERA"), led by Ugo Amaldi, started designing the first unit of a linear proton accelerator for treating cancer. Constructed at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research ("CERN"), the linac-booster for protontherapy ("LIBO") was successfully tested downstream of a cyclotron to 73 MeV in 2003. Read More

CERN and TERA successfully cooperated on the design and tests of other proton accelerators such as the CNAO synchrotron, in Italy (first patient in 2011) and the MedAustron synchrotron, in Austria (first patient in 2016).

From TERA to ADAM, a CERN spin-off

In 2007, ADAM ("Application of Detectors and Accelerators to Medicine") was founded to make use of the LIBO design towards a commercially available system.

The LIGHT ("Linac Image Guided Hadron Technology") accelerator is made of three sections:

  • a novel, compact radio frequency quadrupole developed by CERN, reaching 5MeV over 2m;

  • low speed accelerators designed by ENEA;

  • high speed accelerators designed by TERA, successfully tested downstream of a cyclotron to 74 MeV.

ADAM was granted CERN spin-off status from the outset and the support from CERN has been instrumental. ADAM benefits not only from a testing facility on the CERN campus, but from the experience of the Large Hadron Collider ("LHC") experiment on which ADAM's management was directly involved.

Advanced Oncotherapy, focused on bringing LIGHT to market

CareCapital was founded in 1994 as a healthcare property leasing company and IPO-ed in 2006. In 2012, CareCapital's name changed to 'Advanced Oncotherapy' to reflect the demerger of the property development business, and the realignment of the Company's strategy on the cancer diagnosis and treatment fields.

Since 2013, when Advanced Oncotherapy announced the acquisition of ADAM, the Group has focused on bringing the promises of LIGHT to the reality of protontherapy, together.