Understanding our Scientific Commitment

Although proton is the expanding radiotherapy treatment option of choice for cancer, its cost is currently hindering its worldwide expansion.

The ideal application of proton therapy is also restricted by a series of unsolved technical challenges. Both the cost and technical limitations are directly traceable to dependence on legacy accelerators on the market and their associated treatment possibilities.

To address these shortcomings in the field, Advanced Oncotherapy plc was created in 2012 and capitalised on the success of ADAM SA, a CERN spin-off, which was acquired in 2013.


There is a superior radiotherapy technology to treat cnacer - proton therapy - but it is not widely available and too expensive.

  • As of 31 December 2017, no high-energy proton therapy centre is operating in the UK.
  • Less than 150 children are sent abroad every year, at a cost of more than £100,000


ADAM SA is the root of the Company. A spin-off from the renowned research institution CERN, we have a world-class team with outstanding medical, physics and commercial expertise, supported by a strong network of advisers and well-established industrial partners.


AVO is developing a unique, fully integrated, proton therapy system: the LIGHT system which is expected to become the first commercially available linear proton accelerator medical treatment of cancer patients. AVO's LIGHT system is designed to deliver superior clinical effectiveness at a competitive cost. In addition, the modular accelerator allows for easier installation.