First LIGHT System: In Central London

Testimony of the Compact and Flexible Nature of LIGHT

Our priority is to install the LIGHT System close to where the patients live. Our first project in Harley Street, Marylebone, London, UK, is a clear demonstration of this. We have been working with the Howard de Walden Estate, the freehold owner of most of the buildings in Marylebone, as they aim at upholding the worldwide reputation of their medical properties concentrated around Harley Street. With its unique LIGHT technology, Advanced Oncotherapy can meet the objective of the Howard de Walden Estate. In 2015, Advanced Oncotherapy was granted a 50-year lease for a 15,000 sq ft facility and agreed to bear cost of redevelopment. The choice of the Howard de Walden Estate to equip a treatment centre in Harley Street with Advanced Oncotherapy's LIGHT proton therapy system further validates its modular design.

Redevelopment of the Harley Street Facility in London is Underway

Providing the modern medical equipment required for proton therapy in a conservation area is far from straightforward. With the support of the Howard de Walden Estate, the planning permission was successfully granted in October 2016.

Deconstruct (UK) Limited has been appointed by the Howard de Walden Estate as the principal contractor to the project, broken down into 6 stages:


Excavation works started in March 2017. The construction time - between 62 and 96 weeks - reflects the constraints associated with two listed buildings (141 and 143 Harley Street) in a residential area. Yet it compares favourably to building times associated with the construction of multi-room proton beam facilities using legacy technologies traditionally built in large and remote areas, which is in the range of three to four years on average. Taking into account an additional time of up to 52 weeks for full fit-out, including the installation of cooling systems and power supplies, the site is expected to be ready for installation by H1 2019

The successful installation of LIGHT in London will unlock regulatory approval. Following regulatory approval and commissioning, the first patient treatment at Harley Street is expected in H2 2020.

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