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Our History

Since the acquisition of ADAM and LIGHT, the Company has identified a prime site in Harley Street, gained planning permission for the site, completed the tender process for the construction, and has made considerable advances in the technical development of LIGHT

A well-considered implementation plan is in place to successfully transform the Company into the undisputed leader for proton therapy

  • £19 million raised in equity to 1st December
  • LIGHT accelerator has successfully generated a proton beam at 230 megaelectron volts
  • Research published in the International Journal of Medical Physics and Practice showcased the potential superiority of the LIGHT system
  • University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, began the commissioning process for the treatment room
  • LIGHT system beam optimised to a sub-millimetre size and RF conditioning completed for 20 of the 21 accelerating modules
  • Significant progress with rolling, Q-submission for US FDA 510(k) approval of the LIGHT system

  • £46 million raised in equity
  • Medical treatment room construction completed, and LIGHT Patient Positioning System installed at the Company's Daresbury integration site
  • Signed a Letter of Intent with Saba Partners for the proposed purchase of a three-treatment room for LIGHT system in Switzerland
  • Signed a lessor financing partnership with Kineo Finance, formerly known as DiaMedCare, providing easier access to the Company's LIGHT system through a flexible financing solution that reduces the need for large initial upfront payments from customers
  • Infrastructure in place to support assembly and testing activities; system now capable of supporting the delivery of a proton pulse every 5 milliseconds; full medical software suite integrated; successful re-certification of ISO 13485

  • Business development:
    • The London Clinic selected as the operator of the Proton Centre in Harley Street, London; Advanced Oncotherapy to receive a share of the profit of the Harley Street centre in London
    • The London Clinic partners with the Cleveland Clinic in London; cancer patients to be referred to the proton therapy centre in Harley Street
    • Sale of a LIGHT system to the Mediterranean Hospital of Limassol in Cyprus; Company to receive €50m and share of profits from clinical services
    • Installation of a LIGHT system in collaboration with UHB on the UHB campus in Birmingham; revenue sharing arrangement to be implemented
  • Technical updates:
    • Manufacturing of all critical hardware for first full-energy LIGHT system completed
    • Site preparation at Daresbury ready to support the ultra-high vacuum tests and the high-voltage conditioning of the accelerating structures
    • Machine installation process optimised enabling the reduction of the start-up time for future LIGHT systems
    • First series of the magnets steering the beam towards the treatment room delivered
  • R&D partnerships:
    • LIGHT Treatment plan System software installed at the Cleveland Clinic
    • R&D Collaboration with University Hospitals Birmingham (UHB) NHS Foundation Trust
  • Funding:
    • Two equity rounds of £23 million in total
    • €20 million funding partnership with VDL Group
    • $30 million debt facility from Nerano Pharma
  •  Corporate Governance:
    • Mrs Lori Cross was appointed Non-Executive Director on the Board
    • The Company held its first web-based Investor Day

  • Advanced Oncotherapy has been awarded the ISO:13485 certification in Q1:19.
  • During 2019, we completed or announced £16 million in equity investments and £14 million in debt funding
  • The Company is now focused on manufacturing the remaining accelerating structures of LIGHT by Q3:19 and on treating first patients by the end of 2020.

  • During 2018, we completed or announced £37 million in equity investments.
  • LIGHT system able to generate a proton beam with an energy of 52MeV sufficient to treat superficial tumours. Read More.
  • Preparations at the Science and Technology Facilities Council (“STFC”) Daresbury Laboratory are proceeding to plan with the continued commitment of treating first patients by the end of 2020.
  • To illustrate the proton beam acceleration reached with the LIGHT Accelerator in the Testing Facility in Geneva, you can read about the simulated treatment plan of a periocular tumour case.

  • During 2017, we completed or announced £33.2 million investment, including £16.8 million of equity investments, alongside our commercial distribution agreement with Yantai CIPU Medical Technology Co. Ltd (“Yantai CIPU”) through their affiliated company Liquid Harmony Ltd to market and sell our LIGHT systems across China and certain neighbouring geographies in Asia.
  • We successfully integrated and tested the first Side Coupled Drift Tube Linac ("SCDTL") with the Radiofrequency Quadrupole ("RFQ") and proton source, three of the four key components of the LIGHT system.
  • Agreement with the UK Government's Science and Technology Facilities Council ("STFC") to establish a UK testing and assembly site for our first operational LIGHT system.
  • The Company also received a payment of £16.5 million relating to the exclusive distribution agreement with Liquid Harmony to market and sell Advanced Oncotherapy's LIGHT system across China, Macau, Taiwan, Hong-Kong and South Korea.

  • Key Board and executive appointments in London and Geneva.
  • Technological progress on the LIGHT system, with delivery and successful integration of the proton source and RFQ, plus delivery and high power testing of linac accelerating modules.
  • Optimisation study by Thales.
  • A Placing and Open Offer raised gross proceeds of £13.4m
  • Granting of planning permission for Harley Street.
  • Sale negotiations in UK, USA, Europe, Asia and Middle East.

  • Harley Street lease with The Howard de Walden Estate for the UK's first proton therapy centre using the LIGHT System.
  • Progress in technical developments.
  • Sale of non-core assets.

  • Supply agreements with ScandiNova, VDL and Toshiba.

  • Step change in Advanced Oncotherapy's activities with the acquisition of ADAM.
  • A number of key appointments were made amongst the executive, non-executive and medical advisory board.
  • Letters of intent secured for the supply of LIGHT machines.

  • CareCapital name changed to Advanced Oncotherapy to reflect the demerger of the property development business and the realignment of the Company's strategy with the aim of capitalising on opportunities in the fields of cancer diagnosis and cancer treatment. This laid the foundations for what Advanced Oncotherapy is today.

  • The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator, is turned on. ADAM scientists involved in the project; ADAM's future Executive Chairman integral to its development and management.

  • Foundation of ADAM (Application of Detectors and Accelerators to Medicine), as a spin-off from CERN (the European Organisation for Nuclear Research).
  • The ADAM team, led by Alberto Colussi and Professor Ugo Amaldi, designed and built the first unit of a linear accelerator for treating cancer, known as LIGHT (Linac Image Guided Hadron Technology).

  • IPO of CareCapital on the AIM market.

  • Creation of CareCapital, a company focused on developing, owning and leasing healthcare properties to healthcare operators, primarily in the private sector.