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Investor Day October 2020

During its Investor Day, Advanced Oncotherapy provided (i) an update on the current dynamics within the proton therapy market, (ii) an overview of the technical and potential treatment benefits of Advanced Oncotherapy's proprietary LIGHT proton therapy system, and (iii) a review of the Company's recent progress, proposed business model and outlook. 

In particular, the Company discussed:

  • the broader market potential for proton therapy and outline how its LIGHT system could accelerate the adoption of proton therapy as a treatment modality for a number of different cancer indications.
  • how the LIGHT system can potentially be adapted for FLASH delivery of protons, an emerging mode of proton therapy treatment that utilises ultra-high dose rates - potentially providing the same treatment effects of typical proton radiation sessions - but in a fraction of the time. This may not only dramatically increase the rate at which patients can be treated, but also the types of tumour that are considered suitable for proton therapy. The potential of the LIGHT system to deliver mini-beams will also be outlined as well as how this could allow treatments to be highly sculpted to address irregular shaped tumours.
  • that it expects to have a fully operational LIGHT system, at Daresbury, with a beam energy suitable to support patient treatment during 2021. Actual treatment of patients, which is expected to occur shortly after this LIGHT machine is fully operational, remains dependent on the Company's clinical partner, University Hospital Birmingham.
  • how the modularity of the LIGHT system is the foundation of a differentiated and profitable business model: the opportunity to use the LIGHT system as collateral in financing transactions is a unique selling point in proton therapy and is expected to (i) support the funding for manufacturing new machines, (ii) facilitate the acquisition of the technology by customers, (iii) accelerate the pipeline of commercial orders and (iv) create a sustainable and diversified source of cash-flows.
  • that it expects that further commercial collaborations and purchase orders will be signed in 2021 given the Company's strong pipeline of global opportunities.
  • the recent expansion of the Company's partnership with the Cleveland Clinic, which will now be able to refer cancer patients from its London facility to Advanced Oncotherapy's London Clinic site in Harley Street, is expected to result in more patients being treated at the London Clinic site, from which the Company would receive a share of the profits.

You can access the Q&As which concluded the presentation by connecting on the InvestorMeetPlaform here.